High blood pressure at some stage in being pregnant

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High blood pressure at some stage in being pregnant

Women with high blood pressure can deliver healthful toddlers despite having the condition. But it could be risky to both mother and child if it’s no longer monitored closely and managed throughout the pregnancy.

Women with excessive blood pressure are much more likely to expand headaches. For instance, pregnant women with hypertension may also revel in decreased kidney function. Babies born to mothers with high blood pressure may additionally have a low beginning weight or be born prematurely.

Complications of high blood pressure include the following.

Damaged arteries

Healthy arteries are bendy and robust. Blood flows freely and unobstructed thru healthful arteries and vessels.

Hypertension makes arteries harder, tighter, and less elastic. This harm makes it less difficult for dietary fats to deposit in your arteries and restriction blood waft. This harm can lead to expanded blood pressure, blockages, and, eventually, coronary heart attack and stroke.

Damaged heart

Hypertension makes your coronary heart work too hard. The increased strain for your blood vessels forces your heart’s muscles to pump greater often and with greater force than a wholesome heart need to need to.

This may reason an enlarged heart. An enlarged heart increases your chance for the following:

coronary heart failure


sudden cardiac loss of life

coronary heart attack

Damaged mind

Your mind is based on a healthy deliver of oxygen-rich blood to work properly. High blood pressure can reduce your mind’s deliver of blood:

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